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the artist

Inspired by the world around her, Lotus is a self-taught Canadian artist who continually strives to express her passion into various mediums. From pencil to digital she creates works that convey feeling and beauty.

Since an early age Lotus had creative interests from drawing mountains to teaching herself how to crochet. While she did not choose a creative route in school and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in History, creative pursuits were a continual focus in off times. 



Beginning with abstract art in 2012, Lotus began an art journey that has been unique and challenging, but exceptionally rewarding. After relearning how to draw she eventually chose to focus on exploring the surreal nature of the world and its feminine beauty. Ever improving on a daily basis, Lotus embodies that motivation into every one of her final pieces.

When she isn't working in the studio, Lotus is eating as many fruits as she can, drinking chamomile tea, practicing yoga, going for midnight walks, listening to David Bowie, and watching inspiring anime.

Upcoming events + collaborations

2020 -TBD / Lightofalotus Solo Show @ SCYAP Gallery - Saskatoon Canada

Past Events

2019 - September 7 / Broadway Street Fair - Saskatoon Canada

Past collaborations​

2019 - August 16 / "Rainstorm" -  Randy Bell  (Album Artwork)

2019 - July 3 / "Want it Back"  - A-squar3d X Randy Bell (Album Artwork & Limited edition prints and stickers)


Contact me

Hello! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Commission Status: Commissions are a case by case basis right now.  I am open to any inquiries, some however may not be taken on.

Shows and Events:  I am always open to adding my work to gallery shows and local events.



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